When attending a competition, please ensure you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the general warm up. Leave extra time for weather, traffic, parking and finding your coaches. Please ensure your daughter has everything she needs in her gym bag ready to go. Hair MUST be done in a high slicked bun with matching scrunchie. Sparkles are allowed and highly encouraged!! J Only stud earrings are allowed at competitions, no other jewelry is permitted. No nail-polish, and bra straps cannot be visible. 

1. Gym bag or Dreams Backpack

2. Dreams Leggings

3. Grey Dreams Shirt

4. Clean WHITE socks

5. Athletic slides (to wear in between events)

6. Competition body suit and matching scrunchie

7. Training suit to be used as a back up

8. Grips

9. Tape, or any braces your athlete wears

10. Water bottle

11. Hair supplies

12. Healthy Snack

13. Small blanket (in case it is cold in the venue)

14. Any additional Dreams Merchandise