a. On line or by phone: with VISA or MC

b. In Person at our facility: with cash, debit, VISA or MC.

• Payment must be made in full at the time of registration to insure a spot in a class. Spots are not held otherwise.

• NSF cheques are charged a $ 50.00 penalty.

• Members with outstanding accounts may be refused access to the gym.

• No right of discount, refund or credit under this agreement may be waived or modified, except by an officer of Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd.

Registration in one session does not automatically carry over to the next session. Members must re-register for each session; there is no automatic carry-over 


All schedules may change without prior notice, depending on staff availability & other considerations. Every effort is made to notify the members when changes are made. Please read the notices posted in the gym lobby and visit our web-site for all current schedules (


 In the event a member misses a class due to no fault of Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd., a make-up class may be possible but not guaranteed. In the event where Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. is responsible for a missed/canceled class, a make-up will be scheduled; however, in the event a make-up cannot be scheduled, the member shall be issued a Credit Note (applicable to other sessions or products redeemable at Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd.) or a refund for the portion missed. No matter how many classes a member misses, they are only allowed ONE (1) make-up class per session (if it’s available). A member can attempt to book a make-up as of WEEK #4 of the current session, on a first-come/first-served basis. The make-up classes will ONLY happen in WEEK #7 of the same session. Make-up classes are not transferable to other members or sessions. Make-up classes MUST be done within a class that is NOT already full (we will check availability for you). 


If a child arrives fifteen (15) minutes or more after the beginning of his/her class, he/she will not be admitted into the gym (This does NOT necessarily entitle the member to a make-up class).

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED/ REFUND & CREDIT POLICY (unless otherwise specific to a program)

If the member is not completely satisfied immediately AFTER the first scheduled class of a session, Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. will give a refund (no questions asked). This offer takes effect only if the member contacts the office within 48 hours after the first scheduled class. After that, Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. will give a refund for the remaining classes ONLY if a medical note is provided. If no medical note is provided and the 48-hour timeline has been passed (i.e. withdrawal is not due to injury), then a credit note may be issued for the dollar amount of the remaining classes. All withdrawals (refunds and credit notes) will be subject to a $ 10.00 administrative fee. If a membership refund is required, the member must return their actual membership card in person. A membership refund is only applicable if the membership was purchased for the same session as the class refund requested. Such a refund will be issued prior to the end of the session. Credits must be used within ONE YEAR (from the date of issue) and credits are only be valid with presentation of the actual credit note. For both credits and refunds, Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. reserves the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.


Families enrolling more than 2 children receive a 10% discount (applicable to the highest paying 3rdchild). This discount is also non-transferable. It is calculated before G.S.T. & is not applicable to the annual membership fee. This discount does not apply to the Competitive program athletes. Please inquire about special Government subsidized programs at our Business Office.



For recreational members, class viewing is allowed, but we strongly recommend that parents/family/friends view every other class in order for the child to develop listening skills & autonomy. Addressing your child during class is not allowed; Parents & siblings are not allowed on the gym floor. Please keep conversations in a low voice in the viewing area.

GYM RULES (as posted)

• The Supervising Coach on duty is in charge. 

• NO HORSEPLAY ALLOWED. Supervising Coach has the authority to refuse or remove anyone. 

• During Open Gym, children under the age of six (6) must be accompanied by an adult.

• All accidents/incidents must be reported to the Supervising Coach.

• All equipment must be returned to its original place by the user.

• No flips or “head-first” or prone entries into the pit (no head or prone falls). “Feet-first” ONLY.

• Any skill which is unfamiliar to a person cannot be performed.

• No dress shoes, boots or dirty runners allowed on the gym floor.

• No socks on beam.

• No smoking or alcohol allowed. Anybody appearing to be “under the influence” will be immediately expelled. 

• No jewelry allowed (long earrings, bracelets, rings, watches).

• No shouting, swearing or rude language.

• Long hair must be tied back.

• No jeans or ripped pieces of clothing allowed.

• When and if required, the Supervising Coach will implement the Emergency policy and procedures.

• No loose objects allowed on trampoline (balls, hoops, other etc…)

• Rope climbing can be done only if a crash mat is placed under the rope.

These rules are there to protect our members so inability or refusal to follow them and other Coach directives and rules WILL result in immediate expulsion from the gym. 


Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Look for lost items in our “Lost & Found” bin, located at the entrance of the lobby.


The gym is a “no-shoes” facility. Members & visitors are ALL required to take their footwear OFF upon entering the facilities & to place it on the boot-rack in the lobby. All clothing & personal belongings must also be left in the appropriate change-rooms. 


When taking pictures, please make sure that you are ONLY taking pictures of your child(ren) and that your flash is turned OFF. Use of video Cameras must be pre-approved by Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. prior to use.


A public phone is provided in case of Emergency & is located at the front desk (lobby).

MEDICAL or FIRE: 911   

Ashley Sportun (owner):  780-667-8581 

Courtney Sakaluk (Rec Director):  780-667-7795

Amy Prenc-Perry (Operations Director): 780-265-5119 

City of Edm “Power Return info/24hrs”:  780-412-4500 

Atco Gas Emergency:  1-800-511-3447  



Coaches are not responsible for the children before and after class; please make sure that your child is being dropped off and picked up on time. A child who is late may be refused access to class..


It has always been Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd.’s priority to safeguard any information provided by our members. We are committed to meeting, and where possible, exceeding, the requirements of all applicable privacy legislation that relates to Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. businesses (the “privacy legislation”). To ensure Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. is performing to the highest standards available and is complying with our legal obligations, Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd.has created its own Privacy Policy. Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd’s Privacy Policy applies to all of our members and addresses how we handle the personal information we have about our members which is necessary to provide service to you, administer your account, communicate with you and allow you to participate in Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. as a member. At Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd., member information is maintained as strictly confidential. Unless you authorize us to release it, or release is required or permitted by law, we will not disclose information about you to any third parties. However, in order to better provide you with our services, we will share information with suppliers who perform services on our behalf and with whom contracts have been signed that obligate that third party too adhere to Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd.’s privacy policies. We never sell, lease or trade information about you or your accounts to other parties, unless you authorize us to do so, or unless required or permitted by privacy legislation. Finally, Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd. may ask the member for use of their picture or that of their child for promotional purposes. A full copy of our Privacy Policy is available from our Privacy Officer. Questions or concerns related to our privacy practices should be directed as follows: Call 780-440-0014 to speak to Ashley Sportun, Dreams Gymnastics Academy Ltd., our Privacy Officer.