I am writing this email to express my appreciation for the Dreams Gymnastics Academy. My daughter keeps asking when the coronavirus crisis will end, so that she can come back to the Club. She is really missing you, her amazing coaches, and her wonderful friends. 

Dreams Gymnastics Academy has a special place in my heart because it gives my daughter not only great confidence and gymnastics skills, but also the sense of belonging.

From the time my daughter was little, she behaved like she was missing something. We tried many things and activities, but she did not enjoy. She participated just because I insisted, but she kept telling me that she does not like it and she is not happy.

My daughter totally changed to a positive attitude and very happy feelings from the time she joined your team. She told me she finally found what she needed. In fall last year we were considering to move to another city. My daughter said that she cannot leave the club. She said that being part of the Dreams team is the only thing that excites her. Not other club, not other team, not other activities, but Dreams. We thank you very much for this! My daughter transformation is amazing. She is happy, confident, strong, goal oriented, ambitious She comes enthusiastic at home after each training session. She tells us with excitement about the new skills she learned, her working plan to master them, the encouragement she receives from her coaches and her team.

We are looking forward to the Dreams Gymnastics Academy to open the doors again. We really appreciate you, the coaches, and the entire staff, all your hard work and dedication to motivate, inspire the girls, and make them feel like home.

Mihaela Ciulei


"Ask my daughter about the best part of gymnastics and rest assured that being coached by Ashley Sportun would be among her top answers.  Ashley's passion for gymnastics is electric and is easily felt the moment you enter her gym. She passes this energy on to her gymnasts and its effect is evident by their personal growth, development and success. Ashley challenges her athletes to set BIG goals and then works with each of them to help them master new skills and ultimately reach their goals. She commits herself to her gymnasts 100% and sticks by them through the highs and lows, never wavering in her support.  Under Ashley’s toolage, I’ve watched my daughter and her teammates excel at gymnastics and become more passionate about the sport. Speaking for my daughter in particular, gymnastics has become her favorite thing to do and the gym is her favorite place to be. For a girl who trains 21+ hours a week, the fact that she still wakes up every day excited to go to gymnastics speaks volumes about the atmosphere and program Ashley has created. I feel lucky that my daughter is able to grow as a gymnast under her guidance and am excited to see the big things Ashley has in store for Dreams Gymnastics Academy!"

Jordan Daoust 



"Ashley’s coaching skills have changed the way our family will look at sport and coaches forever. Her caring and firm professional attitude supported our child through some major struggles with anxiety and fear with certain skills in the gym. Even when our daughter had lost all confidence in herself, Ashley found it, and taught her how to work within her strengths. Ashley welcomed her into the gym with open arms and supported her through many ups and downs. She provided her strategies to be successful not just at gymnastics, but in all sport and life. Ashley supported our daughter through the good, bad, ugly, and amazing, and did it all with grace! Any athlete, family, and coach who has the opportunity to work along side Ashley will not be disappointed. Ashley is a coach who will forever be a part of ours and our child’s life. "

Chad, Carrie, and Chloe De Coene



"My daughter was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be coached by Ashley Sportun for 2 years. Amelia came out of a recreational gymnastics program into the competitive program with Ashley at age 12. Within just a few months Ashley had Amelia ready to compete at JO 6 level. Her training program was the perfect mix of intense practice and fun. She was great at communicating with parents both in person and through email regarding where their daughters were at. She also was great at working with the athletes and parents to create common goals. Ashley instilled a great understanding of the importance of the development of skills requiring great time and repetition and always ensured the athletes were properly prepared for fundamental parts of skills before moving on to master them on higher beams or try to land them on the floor or full spotting and landing in the foam pit before trying independently. She always runs a very transparent program where parents are encouraged to watch their athletes development from outside the gym. This also was great for developing great connections with other parents and making the club feel like a community. Ashley was always very creative in coming up with amazing and creative routines for the girls that showcased their individual talents and skills as well as creative and fun drills to develop strength and flexibility. Ashley takes great pride in her coaching and takes on each athlete almost as though they are her own child. All the athletes at the club working with Ashley showed huge leaps of improvement in very short periods of time and great success at the competitive level. She also has great creative ideas for celebrating special events and making gymnastics fun for kids young and old alike. She is always supportive and encouraging the athletes to always try their best. She is very careful to help support and encourage athletes and modify their training to best and safely accommodate each athlete's individual needs as they recover from setbacks due to injuries or anxieties. She is great at recognizing and celebrating athlete’s achievements on social media which is nice as a parent to see the development of the athletes and for your child to show you what both the athlete and coach are proud of. When Amelia was working with Ashley she never complained about the level of difficulty as Ashley was very good at explaining the importance of and ensuring she always understood the progression of her development and trusted in Ashley to know when she was ready to safely be ready to compete her skills. Ashley was an amazing coach who we were very fortunate to have work with Amelia. We were very sad to lose her but excited for her to pursue her dream of owning and operating her own club. Through Amelia's gymnastics with Ashley she learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, team work and overcoming obstacles-all the skills that we hope our children will acquire in sport to transfer into all aspects of their lives. "

Maya Capel

BCHS Teacher Chemistry Physics Math Teacher


" I was Coached by Ashley for a few months and In those few months my experience with her was full of success, positivity and tons of fun. Gymnastics is such a competitive sport and can often cause children to have doubt in there skills or lack joy in the sport. With Coach Ashley I found I was able to have fun while still being my competitive self. She is hard working and cares about her ALL of her athletes. She never doubted me and if I ever was having a hard time she never let me give up on myself. She helped me with my confidence. Ashley always came to training with a positive attitude and was always happy. I am thankful I got to be coached by coach Ashley and I am thankful she was able to make the sport enjoyable while also take it very seriously at the same time!"

Kreestel Lamoureux



Ashley's role extends far beyond the reaches of coach.  She is a mentor, an inspiration, a role model and a relentless enthusiast.  Her drive for excellence is infectious and whether gymnasts realize it or not they are swept up in her momentum and strive for greatness.  Her coaching methods are focused and fun, what a great combination.  She sets out expectations for each athlete and partners with them to achieve their goals.  She is dedicated to the sport of gymnastics, skilled through education and experience, and possesses a natural coaching acumen.  She has helped so many gymnasts achieve their goals and I am so happy to see her realize her own dream of becoming an owner of Dreams Gymnastics Academy.

 Christine Tyrrell